Frequently Asked Questions

We put together the most commonly asked questions from clients and users. If you don't find what you are looking for, drop us a line here

What are user profiles? What are the people and domain skills in these profiles?
User profiles are profiles of a user’s people skills and domain skills. People skills are soft/interpersonal skills and personal attributes that allow people to effectively perform their work duties. Examples include problem solving or communication skills. Domain skills on the other hand are technical skills that are task-focused and allow you to perform your job effectively. Examples could be performing a needs analysis for a management consultant or pitching to a client for a sales representative. In the user profiles, each employee/candidate’s skills are measured in the app based on how they behave in real job simulations and are compared to industry benchmarks based on a specific job. The profiles can help identify your fit to specific jobs and identify career paths that you may fit with that you never even thought about before!

Can a story be customized to my team or company?
Yes, a story can be customized to your team/company. Although creates stories that can be applied across the board for a specific career path, we understand that companies may require stories that are more unique to account for aspects of organizational culture and strategies. also specializes in creating stories that consider the unique elements of the organizational context, the team context, and/or the unique qualities/duties of the job.

Are stories a stand-alone hiring tool or can I add them to my current hiring system?
We recommend placing the stories within a broader system of hiring tools. results are best used in conjunction with other hiring tools that you find to be effective for your company.

What insights can tell me about my team or company? can help you to determine the people and domain skills that your teamor company has as well as the ones that could be further developed. By examining the profile of each of your employees, can help determine skills gaps of individual employees or teams, as well as areas that team members compliment one another.

How can help me hire? can provide you unique information about your candidates based on their behaviour in real job simulations. Candidate profiles can help determine which candidates have the people and domain skills relevant for the job you are looking to hire for. Instead of basing the assessment of candidate skills on a self-report method, by using, you can know that the candidate has these skills because they demonstrated them in a job-relevant activity and not because they simply stated they have the skills. Not only will you be able to see the demonstrated skills of a candidate, can also provide you with a short list of the candidates best suited for the job so you do not have to spend hours of your time sifting through candidate’s resumes. There may even be candidates who you would not naturally consider based on their previous experience, but based on their demonstrated skills they would be a perfect fit! can help you identify these candidates! Finally, there may be employees within your organization that are perfect for a position that you are hiring for, but you didn’t know it. By having current employees fill out a assessment, we can help you to discover the best internal hires for your job opening.

How are stories different from other hiring methods? stories are different from other traditional hiring methods because they place people in a real job simulation to complete an activity that would occur day-to-day on the job. These simulations are specially tailored to the career path of interest and can even be tailored to the organizational context. These simulations allow people to demonstrate their skills and abilities rather than self-reporting these skills and abilities. These simulations make tools stand out from other hiring methods that rely on interviews and questionnaires.

What are the issues with traditional hiring methods that helps address/mitigate?
Sometimes with hiring methods that ask the person to report the skills you have. Although this seems like an intuitive method (why not get the skills reported from the person who actually has those skills), many people inaccurately report these skills, or outright lie. Candidates may also just not be able to accurately self assess their skills. If any of these situations occur, then you may hire candidates who do not actually have the skills for the job. This will decrease the performance of your organization and could cause you to have to hire this candidate and start the whole hiring process over again (and who wants that?). Therefore, methods like, that focus on the demonstration of skills, can help you to hire your candidates using a more reliable method, ensuring you are hiring the right candidate right off the bat.

How should I format my responses?
There is no right or wrong way to format your responses. Try to think about how you would format your responses if you were actually working in this role presenting it to a manager.