Frequently Asked Questions

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What am I supposed to do?
With the challenge, you are asked to take on the role that is described in the Challenge description. While taking on the Challenge role, we ask that you best simulate how you would think, what you would do, what information you would consider, and what you would recommend if you were working in that role.

What are the Resources?
The Resources are examples of real resources that people on the job would have access to when they perform work duties similar to the Challenge mission. The resources can include a wide range of content and can take on various formats – with the purpose of simulating the information and formatting that people on the job would see. We do not offer additional information, beyond what is included in the resources – what’s there is there.

How should I format my responses?
There is no right or wrong way to format your responses. Try to think about how you would format your responses if you were actually working in this role presenting it to a manager.

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