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Translate people's behaviors to work performance

Take bias out of the process and assess people's skills objectively in the context that really matters to maximize individuals, teams, and company performance

01. People Skills that matter!​

The true difference between great and not-so-great professionals are the way they behave at work situations. We use I-O Psychology and AI to distill dozens of questions such as: How flexible this person is when facing change? How this person copes with competing demands on the job?​

02. Role-Relevant Challenges​

Everyone behaves differently at home and at work, so we built proprietary technology to understand skills in the context of work! We then go one step further and get close to the context of a particular person's work, the company and context they work in, and how these skills manifest under those conditions.​

03. Hire and Develop Skills​

We use this data to reduce hiring cycles, while continuously improving team quality with data insights that drive recruiting and skills development programs.​ To make it easy, we integrate our data in your current processes and tools, making it an efficient process to everyone involved​

04. Skills Inventory​

After our standardized measurement, we use Artificial Intelligence to deliver an individual, team or organization skills inventory. This catalogue of skills is constantly updated as new information becomes available over time to track how the evolution of skills

We engineered a platform approach to building AI-powered skill and role based challenges instantly. Create your own or select from our library of dozens of research-backed challenges.
Evaluate dozens of people skills through real company challenges

Consenus Building


Initiative Taking


Consentious Learning


Tolerance for Ambiguity


Planning and Organization


Concern fo Quality


Strategic Sharing


Interpersonal Awareness


Trust and Relation Building


Motivation and Coaching


"nugget.ai used one of their challenges, tweaked it for our role and sent across the top 3 candidates that were identified. The results were phenomenal and we hired one of them. I wish I had started with them before going through close to 500 applications!"

- Mark Freedman, Product Manager, Mortgage Automator