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Optimize workforce performance

Internal and Extended workforces' combinations, optimized through millions of combinations against your requirements, to get you best case scenarios for your goals

01. Roster Management

Visibility, Management and up-to-date profiles of your workforce, whether they are your own employees or contingent workforces. Users and user managers (agencies) make sure you always have the information you need to manage skills available in your extended team.​

02. Skills Measurement and Benchmarking

Proprietary technology to continuosly enhance user profiles to give a deeper understanding of your workforce capabilities and potential. The benchmarks can be built to your company and/or your clients' standards, giving you an even stronger asset when allocating your workforce.​

03. AI Ranking, Matching, and Optimization

State-of-the art algorithms configured to optimize for determined outcomes, such as Margin, Fill Rate Time or Success Rate Prediction. Our Machine Learning algorithms get reinforced with user inputs and feedback, constantly improving its suggestions and recommendations for the best combinations of resources.​

04. AI Assistant

To increase productivity, speed up tasks and workflows, while providing useful contextual insights, nugget's AI assistant helps you in every step of the process, whether running algorithms and optimizations while you go through the process, or giving you timely recommendations in real time.

"nugget.ai used one of their challenges, tweaked it for our role and sent across the top 3 candidates that were identified. The results were phenomenal and we hired one of them. I wish I had started with them before going through close to 500 applications!"

- Mark Freedman, Product Manager, Mortgage Automator