People insights beyond the resume. cover letter. review. survey. questionnaire. helps teams understand their talent pool to hire, train, and develop top talent.

We help HR teams and their enterprises win.
Results that matter to your top and
bottom line through hiring top
candidates and building an inspired
Machine Learning benchmarked to top performers.
Discover nuggets of information about
your top performers to hire candidates
with similar skill sets. Train existing
employees through regular challenges
and build a high performing workforce.
Only 12% of employees are inspired leaders.
There is a gap in 88% of today’s talent
that is misplaced. Outdated hiring
and screening technologies are
resulting in unproductive workforces,
making the process of finding quality
employees harder than ever.
The pain is real.
Every company feels the sting of the
great on-paper candidate or the
disengaged employee who turns out to
be an underperformer on the job or a
poor fit for the role.

Visualize and map your talent in real-time

People insights about your team to hire and train top talent

Built for teams that want to grow.

bias free recruitment
Upskill and train your talent
bias free recruitment
People analytics to map team performance
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A dynamic benchmark that evolves with your team
bias free recruitment
Talent insights, bias-free
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Fill the skills gap in your team
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Build diverse teams

Understand top characteristics driving your company's performance