Securing amazing talent is like finding gold

and we strike gold every time.

Mining for talent is what we do best. utilizes cutting edge Industrial Organizational Psychology research to guide proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms in objectively quantifying, measuring and developing candidate and employees' soft and hard skills.

Job Seekers, there is gold in all of you.

At, we know you are more than your resume and cover letter. Our belief is that the best way to show your capabilities as an applicant is to showcase them in action.

We built a platform for job seekers to answer real company and industry challenges to highlight their transferable soft skills to unlock career opportunities.

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Companies, your next gold rush will come from a talented team.

Finding, developing and retaining the right talent is crucial in creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

At, our expertise is in understanding and measuring talent skills. Using science, technology and data, we support companies in developing better performing teams with a fairer, faster and less biased process.

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